Help! I Need to Get Out of My Timeshare

With rising annual bills and an economy currently in recession, many timeshare owners have been left begging, “Get me out of my timeshare!” However, getting out of the once successful industry is significantly more difficult than you may have first thought.

As one of the most mocked businesses across every medium, the timeshare industry has several negative aspects that now, are being brought fully to light. From the first moment in the timeshare purchasing process, buyers are being deceived by misleading salesmen who don’t simply tell you to come and buy timeshares, but to come and check out a basic seminar that comes with free gifts. Anyone who has become a timeshare owner by going to one of these presentations is aware of the high-pressure sales methods that these timeshare retailers are employing and exactly how improbable leaving without actually buying a timeshare is, especially after they tell you about the sales deals on timeshare properties that are only available that day. They pitch you deals on properties and locations that you have only dreamed of visiting. Little did you know that you would soon be trying to get out of your timeshare.

All too suddenly, these slick-talking timeshare sellers are using information about you, like how many children you have and where you had your honeymoon, to get you to sign a timeshare contract with price tags averaging around $20,000 before you even had the chance to think about how it was possible for them to even attain that information at all. You end up walking out of the 90-minute seminar (that is usually way longer than 90 minutes) as a new timeshare owner still not quite sure what happened.

You are determined to make the best of your timeshare, however, and you plan to get the whole family together to visit this new, exotic timeshare, hoping that it will serve a great purpose. Sadly though, most people cannot all fit their schedules into meeting up in the exact same week that has been assigned to you by the timeshare company. Even if they can, very rarely do people want to go to the exact same place over and over again, year after year after year. This is especially true if you consider the maintenance fees and random assessment fees that are probably piling up higher every year and these are usually the things that lead people to get out of their timeshare finally.

Maintenance fees are costs a timeshare resort charges a timeshare owner to keep the resort clean and all the amenities up to date. They will usually begin in the hundreds and extend into the thousands just in that very first year of timeshare ownership. Then, they will continue to rise annually, usually at a rate of about four percent, forever, until you find a way out of your timeshare. In addition to these increasing fees, you also have the random assessment fees that basically get charged to any timeshare owner at the timeshare resort’s discretion. These fees usually have a broad range, from paying for gardening to repairs in case the resort is damaged or affected by a natural disaster. The two charges combined are usually reason enough for a timeshare owner needs to start looking for a way to get out of a timeshare.

If you are one of the many who needs to get out of a timeshare, make sure to do a fair amount of research before committing to anything. Scams in the timeshare resale market far outweigh any other scam in America today according to the Better Business Bureau. You would basically have to be living underneath a rock to not have seen any of the news reports on the deceptive practices of the timeshare resale industry who will stop at nothing to get you to hand over your money. Most people think that there is no way that they would fall for a timeshare resale scam, but then again most people think that they wouldn’t get stuck buying a timeshare either. If you are still under the impression that going with a timeshare resale company is a good idea, call one and get them to tell you the details of the deal they want to work out with you. Then, get in touch with the Better Business Bureau and some people who have used the company’s services before to get more information about the company. Usually, this is more than enough information to get people to reconsider using a timeshare resale company. But, this will still leave timeshare owners wondering, “How do I get out of my timeshare?”

The answer to getting out of your timeshare is a lot more simple than you think. You must find and go with a company that has proven trustworthy. Some companies will make a list of testimonials from past clients available and their BBB rating should also give you a good idea of the legitimacy of the company as well. One such company worth contacting is Timeshare Relief.

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